Lisa C.

Dear Jen,

I wanted to thank you for helping me the last couple of months.  You were a pleasure to work with and always available to answer my questions.  I appreciate how you helped me to look at my entire lifestyle, including stress reduction, and not just my food.  It is definitely all connected!

You were patient, compassionate, and very thorough.  I have been enjoying the menu plans and recipes that you put together for me and I will continue to use them.   I will not hesitate to recommend you to others I know.

Thank you again!

Melia S.

I have done many nutritional challenges over the years but this one was different.  First, I have never gone to such strict measures in limiting my intake choices.  The first few days were rough mostly because I was suffering from a caffeine withdrawal headache as well as a sugar withdrawal.  Once those initial days passed, I felt good.  By the end of the three weeks, my body felt great.  The pivotal point in the cleanse for me was integrating the foods back in, to truly understand how my body is effected by different foods.  It was enlightening and surprising to see which foods were acceptable for my body and which ones were not.  There are so many diets out there and each one has it's demonized food group: gluten, dairy, etc.  I was happy to learn that some of these foods are ok for me to eat while some healthy vegetables were not so good.  That was the surprise.  I was actually doubled over on the couch after eating a piece of pizza.  I was able to identify the cause as either yeast or sugar but not the gluten.  I try to live by the rules of the cleanse for daily living but I allow myself a piece of cheese on occasion understanding that my body is ok with dairy.  I also avoid the pitfall foods that mess me up.  It is really a new kind of freedom in eating because it is a diet designated for me not just for the sake of diet.  Jen was awesome at guiding me through the journey and understanding the science and history behind the foods we eat.  I recommend the cleanse for anyone who truly wants to be aware of their own body's tolerance for different foods.  It might surprise you!

Sharon R.

Jen at Food Works Wellness has been incredibly helpful to me and my family. My brother was diagnosed with brain cancer and his diet is an extremely important aspect to his treatment plan. I am a health coach but struggled with trying to find the time to gather research and pull the necessary resources together in such a short period of time. That is when Jen offered to provide me with a tailored and customized menu of 10 different meals throughout the week including breakfast, lunch and dinner. On top of that she also gave us the corresponding recipes and best of all ... the grocery lists! She sent this information in an extremely easy to read format, which when dealing with all the emotional stress my family was going through, was welcomed.  Additionally, we loved how simple yet creative the meals were. She did a phenomenal job narrowing in on the foods that my brother needed to emphasize or avoid. And on top of that she kept the meals appealing to all of the family members including the kids.

As mentioned before I am health coach so I know what I should be doing but sometimes I need the help, guidance and efficiency of another health coach to pull it all together. I'm extremely impressed with the quality of work Jen provides and the ease in which she relays that information. 

I would highly recommend Jen if you were looking for nutritional and wellness guidance for yourself or a family member of yours.

Working with Jen at FoodWorks Wellness, LLC was a phenomenal experience. With her guidance and support I lost weight, gained more energy, and have started down a path of wellness that will continue for a lifetime. I was amazed that even changing small things in my diet resulted in such remarkable benefits to my overall health and wellbeing. Jen’s incredible knowledge and thorough explanations, combined with her warmth and friendliness, make her an ideal coach and encouraging partner in achieving multiple health goals. If you want to feel better, live healthier, and have fun while you’re doing it, call Jen – you’ll be so happy you did! 

Rachel C.

For years my husband has suffered with gastro problems and was in continual pain. He saw several gastroenterologists and had multiple tests. We spent thousands of dollars only to be left with no diagnosis or recommendations for relief. He continued to live in pain. I sent him to Jen for a consultation. Jen recognized that Scott has leaky gut syndrome and placed him on a healing diet. For the first time in years Scott felt good. Thank you, Jen, Scott continues to heal and has gotten back to being a weekend warrior.

Barbara J.

I wanted to share some exciting news with you.  Since birth, my daughter has gained about 3 to 4 lbs. a year.  This past year she has gained 12 lbs. and grown 3 inches!  About seven of those pounds were from the fall.  She is so excited as are we.  Her BMI is still low, and she is now at the 3% for weight (she was off the chart last year), but this is such amazing progress. 

 I want to thank you so much for your help and sound advice.  I’m hoping this is just the beginning of a great growth spurt.  But regardless, I think we all feel a bit of relief to know she has made such leaps and bounds and it’s possible.

Thanks so much!!

Laura K.